"Testimonials for the Best Pet Care Company in Prince William County."


"We had an amazing dog walker for years, however she had to give up the business. Having interviewed several companies, and not being impressed, I came upon Brian's Pet Care. One of our dogs is diabetic, and many didn't want the responsibility - which is understandable - but Brian's team stepped up, there is never any drama and we are forever grateful. We got to meet with our dedicated walker and if there is a change, we are notified in advance. Our dogs are elderly, so they require a little more time and patience and this is what is given ...... we are highly supportive of Brain and his team."

Lynn I.

"Brian's Pet Care is caring and trusting. Brian has been caring for my 2 dogs for the past year and I couldn't be more pleased! My dogs adore him, and that says alot! I've always hated having to board them at a kennel, they always get depressed and stressed. Brian's Pet Care comes to my house and makes it much more personal. I know there in good hands when I'm out of town. His prices are very reasonable as well as his professionalism. I highly recommend Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care!"

Jessica A.

"I am new to Virginia and needed a pet sitter I could trust not only with my Pets but also in my home. I met with several possibilities but got a great vibe from Brian. I felt that he really cared and this was his passion. Since I knew I would be leaving not just the state but the country I had to trust my gut. I am so thankful that I did! Brian was amazing. My 15 year old Husky became ill during my absence and Brian came through! He was unable to reach me at my location but took it upon himself to make sure that my pet got the best care possible. Since he could not get a hold of me he had to make a few judgement calls on his own and went way above and beyond by even taking a financial risk for my family. He made sure that nothing happened to my pet while I was gone. Once we were able to get in contact with each other he assured me that everything was fine and not to worry we could work out any loose details once I returned. This simply confirmed what I already knew, I had made the right choice. If I had gone with any other company I strongly feel that things would not have gone as smoothly and I would not have returned to my loving pet. Brian's decision to go above and beyond shows his true character and speaks volumes for his ability, skill and love for what he does. His ability to handle such an emergency with great strides kept me calm made me feel like my pets were safe and the remainder of my trip continued very smoothly knowing that my babies were in great hands! Thank you Brian for being the best!!!!"

Vivian & Keith

"Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care provides exceptional service and support for our two dogs. My husband and I both work and cannot tend to our dogs in the middle of the work day. For over the past year, Brian has provided daily dog walks and good exercise for our four-legged family members, in all weather, at very reasonable prices. Brian's dependability, professionalism and experience provides us with a great level of comfort in knowing our "kids" are always in safe hands. We're very happy to have found Brian and highly recommend Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care services to any and all pet lovers!"

"Last summer we engaged Brian's services to watch our house, feed our cat, and maintain our pool.  In addition, we asked him to water our various potted and landscaped plants to help them survive the July heat in our absence.

We returned to find everything looking better than when we'd left! Brian even called us once to question a truck that had disappeared from our driveway when one of our local adult children came to borrow it.  We had neglected to let Brian know that the truck would be driven away at some point.

Brian is very reliable and extremely detail-oriented. We definitely recommend him for any "away" needs you may have for your property or your pets."

Mike and Meredyth Stirling

"Dear Pet Owner:

I am writing to share my experience with Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care, who has given exceptional care to our two puppy boxers since November 2010. We had just brought our new 2 ½ month old puppies home and needed someone to come in twice a day to exercise them and help acclimate them to their new home. Soon after, we asked Brian to come and stay with our dogs while my husband and I traveled overseas for 6 days.

Brian's employees are wonderfully patient and loving with our two dogs Tyson and Gabi. They are also a great help in training as we enforce house rules, crate training and follows through on training strategies that we've learned. Brian and his employees had to manage more than a few challenging situations, particularly with the new puppies, but they always risen to the occasion. In addition, Brian and his employees are extremely dependable. Since Brian began assisting us with our dogs, he nor his employees have ever called to say that they had to cancel.

I recommend Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care highly to you as a caregiver for the pets. Brian has been a great help to us, allowing us to enjoy our dogs, even with the demands of a busy work life!


Tyrone, Annette & Tyson and Gabi"

"I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care. The specialist who came to my home was polite, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He saw the problems with my large fish tank immediately and had a list of options and suggestions to fix them. He facilitated the acquisition of supplies (even going out of his way to Baltimore to find the perfect sand substrate for the bottom!) and was available every step of the way for help and support. I'm so pleased with the results, and am now able to enjoy my fish tank since the problems are fixed and I've learned so much about how to avoid the problems in the future. I absolutely depend on and trust Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care for my aquatics needs!

Laurie Doton, LVT"

"We use Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care on a semi daily basis to walk our two dogs. The walker is great with them. He handles them with care and gives them time to safely explore while they are walking. We really like the fact that the walks are long enough to give them some good exercise. I would recommend this company."

"They were great with my dogs. I have had trouble with pet sitters in the past and I am glad to have found Brian's pet care. He is great and his employee was right on time and happy to do everything I asked. I will always worry about my furkids, but I don't have to as much now."

"Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care did a fabulous job taking care of my dog while I was out of town for a few days. The person walked her, played with her, fed her, as well as water a couple of my plants and bring in the mail. This was all done at a very reasonable price. I felt comfortable knowing that they were taking such good care of my dog. I would recommend them to anyone. :-)"

"I used Brian for my aquarium. I have had my fish for years and knew I wasn't taking the best care I could. I didn't use him to take care of my aquarium all the time, just to help me figure out what I need to do to take better care of my fish. He gave me all sorts of suggestions and I was hesitant about some of the things. But he told me it was the best thing to do, whether I bought the stuff from him or not. I changed the gravel to black sand, changed the food, added an air pump, and bought a better light. My fish look the best they have in the 5+ years I have had them. I couldn't believe the difference his suggestions made. I am so glad I found him, and my fish thank him too"

Brian is very reliable and trustworthy. We never worried when he cared for our dogs. Highly recommend his service.....

Gail Spruce

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