Standard reef sump design:

Custom Reef Sump

Other Saltwater Sump Designs

Saltwater Designs:

Minimal Baffles: Simple is best and the fewer baffles the better. You can easily go online and find over-complicated and over-thought designs with 5-8 baffles or more. In most reef sumps there is no need for more than four baffles.
Smoked Glass Baffles: Clear baffles allow light from the refugium to get into the other sections and grow unwanted algae. Using smoked glass costs only a little more but helps minimize algae in the other sections for the life of the sump.
Maximum Refugium Space: Minimum protein skimmer space + minimum pump space = maximum refugium space. This means more natural filtration while still having the needed space in the other sections.
Mesh Baffle Wall:
The last baffle is designed to keep macroalgae and fish out of the pump section. It consists of eggcrate on both sides of a glass baffle. The glass baffle is only six inches high and the eggcrate extends to the estimated water line. Between the two pieces of eggcrate is a sheet of needlepoint canvas (plastic mesh) that extends above the water line. The eggcrate is siliconed to the glass baffle and holds the needlepoint canvas in place. The needlepoint canvas is not attached in any way, just held in place by the eggcrate. This creates the perfect wall to keep macroalgae and fish out of the pump section with minimal maintenance. The needlepoint canvas can be black or white. White will show how dirty is better so you will know when you need to clean it. Black will help keep even more light out of the pump section (preventing algae). This one feature can save you a lot of hassle by keeping stuff out of the pump section, including valuable fish that inevtiably make their way in to the sump.
Easy Maintenance: The needlepoint mesh used to keep macroalgae out of the pumps easily comes out for cleaning and even replacement if necessary.
Glass Lids:
My custom tanks include glass lids that help cut down on evaporation, noise, and provide the perfect place to put the refugium light.

Available options for custom reef sumps:
-In-sump reservoir for automatic top off system.
-Slow flow refugium.

There are a few options you may decide to easily add to my standard saltwater sumps. My design allows you to easily add:
-Automatic Top Off System
-Media Reactors
-Filter Sock Holder: may require some extra space in the skimmer section. Eshopps and CPR Aquatics both make a hang-on filter sock holder. There are also many designs available online to make your own filter sock holder, usually using eggcrate.

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