How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture:

Keeping dogs off the furniture can be very challenging in many situations. If you want to keep your dog off the furniture there are many options that may work well for you and your dog.

The most important thing is to be very consistent. Consistency is something almost any dog picks up on very quickly and a lack of consistency can be very confusing for them and set you back in achieving the behavior you are seeking. If you want to keep your dog off the furniture then never let them up or ask them to come up. If you ever find them on the furniture get them down immediately. This doesn't have to be anything cruel, just sternly say no, grab their collar, and firmly pull them off the couch.

The next option is placing a sheet of aluminum foil on the couch. Most dogs do not like the sensation or the noise. This can also work to keep cats off countertops.

One of the best options for keeping dogs off the furniture, especially large dogs or dogs that are very determined to get up on the furniture, is to cut a piece of a chair floor mat to fit the couch a put it on the couch upside down. The small plastic points make it very uncomfortable for the dog to be on the couch at all. This is effective, safe, easy to use, and will last years.

How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

How to Keep Dogs Off Couch

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