Standard Freshwater Sump:

Custom Freshwater Sump

Freshwater Design:

Just like with saltwater sumps, simplicity is best when it comes to freshwater sumps. My designs allow you to keep it simple while utilizing a massive volume of filter media.

Clear Glass Baffles: Unlike in saltwater sumps, clear baffles are best in freshwater sumps to allow you to see as much as possible. This allows you to spot problems sooner and see how dirty the filter media is.
Maximum Filter Media Capacity: By keeping the input and pump sections small you can maximize the area left for filter media. By properly layering the media in the media sections you can very effectively clean all the water as it passes through the sump.
Easy Maintenance: The entire filter media section is removable including the eggcrate that supports it and the stands that the eggcrate sits on. This allows you to easily keep the sump clean so that it can effectively keep your tank clean.
High Flow Capacity: My design allows for high flow rates through the sump and in the tank.
Use Any Return Pump: My designs allow you to use any return pump you want. You can go with something sleek and compact or large and powerful. Either way I can make the pump section large enough to accommodate any pump or small enough to leave even more room in the rest of the sump.
Fish Isolation Section: The first section can be used as a fish isolation section which allows you to safely keep fish separated in the sump without the risk of them getting to the pump. This can be to protect them from other fish or to protect other fish from them.
Foam Block Filter: The first media the water passes through is a foam block which is a very effective mechanical media. It is also very easy for you to remove and keep clean. The cleaner you keep this foam block the cleaner the media section will remain, longer.
K1 Tumbling Biomedia Section: This is a revolutionary, self-cleaning filtration method that utilizes a floating plastic media called K1. It has been used in waste management and on fish farms for over 10 years but has only recently been brought to the aquarium hobby. This section is partially filled with the specially designed K1 media and then air stones at the bottom of the section keep the media tumbling. This tumbling action helps break down waste and keeps the media itself clean. The media then becomes an ideal site for beneficial bacteria because of the aeration and water flow.
Customizable Filter Media: My designs allow you to utilize any filter media you want including medias designed for submerged or emersed use. This includes but is not limited to: filter pads, filter floss, carbon, peat moss, peat granules, crushed coral, porous ceramic biomedias, bioballs, Poly-Filter, Purigen, granular ferric oxide (GFO), nitrate and phosphate absorbing medias, and much more.
Glass Lid: My sumps also come with glass lids that help to reduce evaporation, splash, noise, and the risk of electrical equipment falling into the sump.
Ability to Add Later: My sumps also allow you to add other equipment. In freshwater the most likely thing would be a media reactor which can be an extremely effective way to utilize any chemical media such as carbon, Purigen, etc. You can also add a filter sock holder (CPR Aquatics and Eshopps both make add-on filter sock holders). There are also many designs online for you to make your own filter sock holder, usually using eggcrate.

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