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In-Home Boarder/Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker:

We are looking to expand our service area and increase the number of employees in our service area. We provide dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight pet sitting services to our clients. This may be the ideal position for a stay at home mom, military wife, college student, or anyone else looking for a rewarding and enjoyable part time job that can grow to provide full time pay.

Job Requirements:
-Reliable transportation at all hours.
-Smartphone with internet and email.
-Ability to walk 5+ non-continuous miles on a daily basis.
-Ability to properly and safely handle all types of animals including small, fearful dogs as well as large, hard to handle dogs.
-Pass a background check.
-Pass a drug test.
-Have a clean driving record.
-Great communication via phone, email, and text. This should be fast and accurate.
-Prompt, be where you need to be when you need to be there. Not 10 or even 5 minutes late.

Job Duties:
-Provide daily dog walking service to the clients in your service area.
-Ability to substitute for other dog walkers if they are sick or on vacation.
-Provide pet sitting service up to four times daily to clients in your service area.
-Be responsible for the safety of yourself, the pets, and the homes you encounter in the course of providing pet care.
-Follow a schedule that may vary daily and can change within hours of the job.
-Must be able to work without supervision. This means learning policies and procedures quickly and thoroughly as well as knowing when to ask for clarification or assistance. This also means seamless communication via phone, text, and email.
-Being a great ambassador for the company and representing it in a positive light to everyone you meet.
-Ability to think quickly and stay calm in critical situations where the health, safety, and even lives of pets we provide care for may be at risk.

You will be an actual part-time employee, not an independent contractor. You will be paid a competitive commission per job. This means the more jobs you get the more you get paid. You could make a full day’s pay in half the time. Exact pay will be discussed at interviews.

To Apply:
Please email us today if you are interested. Please email me at Your email subject should be “Employment Resume”. You must include: a copy of your resume in a .docx or .doc format, a brief summary of why you like and would be good at this job, and the area you live in (exact address is not needed).

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