Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care is Growing!

We are a growing aquarium maintenance company looking for an employee or independent contractor who can help us grow to a higher level. We provide custom installation and routine maintenance for residential and business aquariums. We are seeking to aggressively grow and expand and we need qualified aquarium maintenance technicians to help us do that.

This position requires experience installing and/or maintaining aquariums, preferably aquariums that are not your own, but at least a wide variety of your own aquariums may suffice.

Job Requirements:
-Experience in aquarium retail
-Familiarity and understanding of current aquarium techniques, livestock, and equipment
-Ability to troubleshoot aquarium problems
-Experience installing and maintaining aquariums
-Experience with freshwater, planted, saltwater fish-only, and reef aquariums
-Experience with HOB, canister, and sump filtration systems
-Smartphone with internet and email.
-Pass a background check.
-Pass a drug test (including marijuana).
-Have a clean driving record.
-Great communication via phone, email, and text. This should be fast, courteous, and accurate.
-Prompt, be where you need to be when you need to be there. Not 10 or even 5 minutes late.
-Experience working without direct supervision
-Reliable transportation that can transport at least six 6gal containers of water
-Maintain a presentable representation of the company and serve as an ambassador for the company

Job Duties:
-Provide routine aquarium maintenance for residential and commercial aquariums
-Provide aquarium installation
-Assist clients with selection of livestock, equipment, etc.
-Provide recommendations for products, dry goods, livestock, equipment, etc. (sales)
-Troubleshoot problems for clients
-Know when to ask for help or clarification. One of the greatest attributes of someone who knows a lot is knowing where that knowledge ends and when to ask a question.

This job is part time, at least for now. We have every intention of growing to the point of having multiple full time employees and hope that someone we bring on at this point will be able to grow in to a role of leadership and become a manager for the company. Until your position grows to be full time we are happy to work with you having another job under the condition that it allows you to have a schedule that still allows you to perform jobs for our clients. For example, if you work in retail and usually have a couple of weekdays off we are happy to have you work on those days off from your other job.

Compensation is commission on a per job basis. Rather than paying you an hourly rate for a job that may not take as much time, we want you to earn an income based on the amount of revenue generated for the company.

To Apply:
Please email us today if you are interested. Please email me at Your email subject should be “Aquarium Employment Resume”. You must include: a copy of your resume in a .docx or .doc format, a brief summary of why you like and would be good at this job, and the area you live in (exact address is not needed).

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