Brian's Custom Aquarium Sumps:

I have been an aquarist for eighteen years and have been working with reef tanks for over seven years. I have seen some very good and some VERY bad sump designs. I have read all the books, articles, forum posts, etc. and seen it all. In my opinion and experience most of the features people obsess over are unnecessary and end up being more of a problem than a benefit long term.

Almost every aquarium needs a well designed sump. My designs are simple, effective, customizable, and include:

Any Size: Whether you need a ten gallon sump for a 20 gallon tank or a 180 gallon sump for a custom 500 gallon reef display, I can design and build exactly what you need.
Economical: By using a standard glass fish tank and installing glass baffles into it you save a lot of money over buying a custom made acrylic or glass sump that is completely made from scratch. This also provides the reliability and quality of professional manufacturing.
Easy Maintenance: My designs ensure that the sump will be easy to maintain. This means baffles are spaced far enough apart to allow you to get to the bottom between the baffles.
Glass Lid: My sumps also come with glass lids that help to reduce evaporation, splash, noise, and the risk of electrical equipment falling into the sump.
Baffle Heights: One very unique feature of my sump designs is that the baffles are not as tall as the sump. This means that if for some reason water flow is obstructed from going underneath them the water has a path that keeps it inside the sump, preventing a flood.
Customizable: My designs allow your sump to grow with you and your tank. You can easily add an automatic top off system, media reactors, filter socks, etc.

Pricing is based on the size of the sump and the design used.


Saltwater Design

Freshwater Design

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