Aquarium Service:

Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance: $50 and up per visit

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance: $80 and up per visit

We are proud to offer aquarium maintenance services. As an aquarist for the past seventeen years I have developed an advanced knowledge of aquarium setup and care.

Aquarium Service Prince WilliamI keep aquarium systems as natural as possible. I rely only on equipment of the highest quality and reliability. I treat every aquarium as if it were mine and make suggestions exactly as I would do to my own aquariums and home.

I strive to setup aquariums that are easy to maintain. This keeps the work for both the client and us minimal, which helps keep our rates low.


I have experience managing retail aquarium systems up to 6,000 gallons. This includes maintaining a display reef aquarium of over 500 gallons.

Aquarium Maintenance Service Northern VirginiaI wrote an article that was published in the April 2011 issue of Aquarium Fish International magazine. I also wrote an article that was published in the October 2012 issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. I have multiple other articles accepted by and awaiting publication in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine.

I have experience dealing with almost every type of aquarium and fish in the hobby:

Aquarium Cleaning Service Northern VirginiaLet us help you bring the beauty and relaxation of aquariums in to your home or office. We specialize in aquarium remodels, turning that algae farm that everyone thinks of as an eyesore and chore into a beautiful centerpiece for any room.

Aquarium maintenance for freshwater aquariums starts at $50 per visit. Maintenance on saltwater aquariums starts at $80 per visit. Pricing may vary based on the location, size of aquarium, frequency of maintenance, etc. Please contact us to arrange a free welcome consultation. is an entire website full of articles on many aspects of aquarium care. All of the articles are written based on the knowledge and experience I have acquired over fifteen years of keeping aquariums. Please visit it today to find out more.

Fish Tank Cleaning Service Northern Virginia
Fish Tank Maintenance Service Northern Virginia
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Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Service Northern Virginia