About Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care LLC:

I started Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care LLC in the Fall of 2010. After years of pet sitting for my neighbors I did it so much in the summer of 2010 and enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue it professionally.

Since then the company has grown through good and tough times. I am glad to have the privilege of being the choice of so many pet owners in Prince William County. I know how much trust is involved when people hand over the keys to their homes and rely on me for the care of their most beloved family members. I know their expectations are high and I strive to exceed them.

Along the way I have strived to continually improve the quality of the service provided and maintain the highest standards. I have improved our policies and stepped up our level of commitment to being the greenest company we can possibly be.

Green and Environmentally Friendly:

Being green and environmentally friendly is very important to us and is taken into consideration in every detail of how our business is run. We try to have the lowest impact possible on the environment and achieve this is many ways:

What does this mean to our clients?
It means they can be confident that they are patronizing a company that actively minimizes its impact on the environment. These actions also help to keep our costs low which allows us to keep our fees lower than many other companies in the area. This is a win-win-win situation for the environment, Brian's Aquarium and Pet Care LLC, and our clients.

We maintain the strictest standards in hiring employees. We know that if we could not trust them with everything in our home, we cannot ask you to trust them in yours. Our trustworthiness is one of the most important things that set us apart.

Pet Lover:
As a pet lover I have been involved in the pet industry for over twelve years. I have worked in pet retail for most of that time. In addition, for the past fifteen years I have cared for a wide variety of my own pets, including dogs, reptiles, birds, aquariums, and small mammals. I have also cared for the pets of friends and neighbors for over twelve years.

As a Biologist I have a higher understanding of the needs of all types of pets. There is so much more to pet care than feeding and cleaning, I understand that and can even help you do the same.

Veterinary Technician:
As an experienced Veterinary Technician I have a higher understanding of the more subtle health problems that can arise and can react accordingly. This is extremely valuable when dealing with any pet, but especially so with higher risk animals such as older pets, those with diabetes or other diseases, and even special needs pets.

Knowledge about all types of pets:
We offer services for all types of animals. Everything from cats and dogs, to birds, reptiles, small mammals, and other exotics. My experience in the pet retail industry required me to learn about every aspect of care for all types of pets. I have had or cared for almost every type of pet out there. This allows me to easily care for animals that others may be unfamiliar with or even intimidated by.

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